Thursday, October 30, 2008

Party video

As mentioned in the previous post, at Julie's costume parade this morning, the older kids performed a little show while the little ones sat and watched. Well, I have shared with you Julie's love of dancing before and today she just couldn't help but participate even while watching. She really makes me smile.

Happy Halloween!

Today Julie's Mother's Day Out class had a Halloween party and costume parade. So I dropped her off in her classroom and went to the gym to watch the parade, then back to the classroom to join in the party with her. It was super cute. Julie enjoyed wearing her lion costume again. After they paraded into the gym, the bigger kids put on a little show with a few songs they learned to sing for us parents while the little kids sat and watched. After the little show, we went back for her party where the kids got to have some snacks, go trick-or-treating, and play a pin the nose on the pumpkin game. Julie had a great time and I really enjoyed watching her have so much fun. Here are a few pictures from our morning.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We went to Benton this past weekend to visit and to take Julie to a pumpkin patch so she could pick out her Halloween pumpkin. On Friday, Julie had a lot of fun with her Aunt Robin at a park in Downtown Little Rock. Then on Saturday we hung out at the house and went to another park in the afternoon. Julie played so hard she wore herself out. Sunday we went to church and then to the pumpkin patch. We got to check out all of the pumpkins, feed some farm animals, watch a pig race, and go on a hay ride. A fun day indeed. : ) Here are a few pictures from our weekend.

A couple of weeks ago my sisters and brother-in-law went to the state fair and won three Curious George's for Julie, and she LOVES them. She played with her George's all weekend long. Thanks April, Robin and Chris!!

Here she is playing with everyone in the front yard.

Julie sure had a good time at the park with her Aunt Robin, and wore her out!

And the pumpkin patch pictures!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Zoo Boo Dance Video

Here is a video of Julie dancing at the disco at the Zoo Boo the other night. She heard the music from the sidewalk and ran to the pavilion, dancing along the way. She danced and danced and had the best time. Who do you think she gets her dancing skills from? : )

Zoo Boo

Last Friday night, we went to the Zoo Boo at our local zoo with some friends. We had a really good time. Little Julie is a lion this year for Halloween so we got her dressed up and took a couple pictures in the yard before we drove over to the zoo. Her costume does include a headpiece with a mane and ears but she fought it big time so we improvised and just sprayed her hair orange. We thought it turned out pretty cute. Sorry that the pictures are a bit dark, it was night after all. She got to trick-or-treat, take part in a costume contest, and dance in a disco pavilion. She ate more candy than she probably should have, but that's part of Halloween, right? She sure slept well Friday night, and for about an hour later than usual on Saturday morning. Thanks to the Whiteakers for going with us, we had a great time with you all!

Baby beds and jam sessions

Ben has recently started learning kids' songs on his guitar to play and sing for Julie. And she has gotten in on the act with the little ukulele that Ben got on one of our trips to Hawaii a few years ago. And it's the perfect size for her. She loves these jam sessions with her da-da.

When we came home from visiting my family we brought back with us a baby doll bed that I played with as a child, given to me by my Grandma, and now Julie will have it to play with. Julie has played with it quite a bit in the last week, although I'm not sure if she knows it's for her baby doll. She will play with her doll in it if I put the doll in it for her, but she quickly takes the doll out to get in herself. Either way, she's enjoying the baby bed. : )

Old Fashion Day

On the weekend of the 11th, we went to Benton to visit my family and to go to Old Fashion Day, a town-wide arts and crafts sale on the courthouse lawn. It was a really fun time. We all remembered bringing Julie last year and talked about how quickly the year has past and how much she has grown. We had a lot of fun.

Julie enjoyed having her juice with Aunt April outside in the nice weather.

She also really enjoyed riding the tractor with her Papaw. They did this a couple of times while we were there and Julie loved every minute of it. I think her Papaw enjoyed it as well. : )

Here are a few pictures of our time at Old Fashion Day. Julie really liked the tiny motorcycle and riding the train.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Watching George

Julie loves watching the Curious George movie. I think she became familiar with this curious little monkey at the Children's Museum, where they had a traveling Curious George exhibit that she really enjoyed. She has seen the movie a few times in last couple of months but this week she has been asking for it daily. She knows which remote is for the DVD player and she will get it out of the drawer, bring it to me and say "Oooh, Oooh, Oooh", her answer to the question "what does a monkey say?", since she can't quite say monkey yet. As soon as I take the remote from her to turn it on she runs to the couch and grabs her blanket and asks me to sit with her. Today though she was watching it as I was getting dinner ready and this picture is what I saw when I peeked around the corner at her. She was playing with Ben with her baby doll and stroller and I guess baby doll wanted to watch as well. So, yes, that's Julie in her baby doll's stroller, "drinking" from her doll's bottle, with baby doll sitting in Julie's rocking chair next to her, enjoying Curious George. What a cutie, huh?