Sunday, February 22, 2009

Short Video

Every night we read Julie books, give her a drink of water, say prayers and put her to bed. Well, this video was taken a little while ago when I noticed that Julie was doing her bedtime routine for her baby doll. She gave the baby a bottle, put the baby in her bed, then climbed in bed with her to read her a book and then decided to say prayers with her baby. I thought it was too cute not to share. We especially like the last part in her prayer where she pauses to think if there is anything more she'd like to add before saying amen. So sweet.

Finally! A new post!

It's been forever, but here it is, a new update from the Johnsons. : ) We had a great Christmas and New Year's complete with family visits. Since then, we have gone back to visit my family a few times and my parents have come to visit us. We've also been visited by Ben's brothers and their families. Ben went out of town a couple of times so Julie and I were lucky to have my family to keep us company on those weekends while he was gone. Julie has been back at Mother's Day Out and continues to really enjoy it, as do I. : ) She also keeps us on our toes these days since she is very much into repeating everything she hears. She talks like a "big" person now, in sentences and everything, and continues to amaze us with how grown up she is, for an almost two year old. That's right, she'll be turning two at the end of next month. The time has literally flown by.
Here are a few pictures of the last couple of months.

This is Julie cheesing it up for a picture at her MDO Valentine's Day party.

She loves helping out with whatever I am doing and here she is vacuuming for me.

On one of our visits home she went for a walk around my parents land and had a really good time playing in the creek with my Dad.

Yes, we got some snow this year. Twice!

We spent an afternoon with my parents feeding the geese at Shelby Farms one weekend. I'm not sure who ate more of the bread, the geese or Julie. She would throw a piece and then say "Julie bite!" and proceed to eat the rest of the bread in her hands.

The park is always a favorite place of Julie's and here she is racing Uncle Dan down the slide.

Julie had such a good time with her cousins Claire and Ethan. She loves her family!!