Sunday, December 5, 2010

And we're back!!

Let's see, what all has happened since my last post.....Julie turned 3 in March... We moved from Memphis, TN to Benton, AR in May... Ben started his new job in May, then quit that job and started his new new job in October.... We had a summer full of swimming, trips to the zoo and park, and my sister April's wedding.... We made our Thanksgiving trip to Texas to visit with family... Aaron turned 1 in October... Julie started gymnastics and day school this fall.... And I think that about covers it!! We are really enjoying being back in Benton with family and it is working out really well so far. Here are a few recent pictures of the kiddos, some are from late summer, some from a trip to the pumpkin patch, some from Halloween.... just a sampling for all of our friends and family!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome little Corbin!

My sister Robin and her husband Chris had their first baby last week! Corbin Lee Humes was born on Thursday, Feb. 25th. He was 8lbs 1oz and 21 inches long. And he's such a cutie! We spent last weekend over in Benton with everyone and are going back this weekend. We can't get enough of the little guy! : )

Julie and Aaron had a blast getting to know their newest little cousin. These kiddos are going to have such a great time together when they get a little older.

And here's a little picture of Julie "fishing" in the creek at my parents' house. She has discovered the woods and loves playing outside, now that it's warm enough to do so! She's going to have so much fun playing in that creek as she grows up, just like my sisters and I did!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snow angel video

Christmas, New Year's and a little snow

We spent Christmas in Benton with my family and had such a good time. Here are just a few pictures of the very many that we took while we were there. We put together a gingerbread house and made Christmas cookies together. Julie was so excited for Santa to come and still talks about "when Santa came to Papaw's house and brought her a kitchen." Too cute. Aaron slept through most of it but that's alright, he wasn't left out, we opened his gifts for him. : )

Over the New Year's Eve long weekend, Ben's brothers Paul and Dan and their families came over for a short visit. Julie REALLY enjoyed having her cousins over to play. Claire slept in Julie's room with her while they were here and the girls had a blast together. I think there was more giggling than sleeping taking place but it was just precious to hear them having a good time together. I hope we have many many more opportunities for these cousins to be together. While they were here we went to Chuck-E-Cheese and had a great time too. What a good weekend!

We got a little bit of snow last week and the temps stayed low enough for it to stick around for a day or two. Julie loved it! Ben stayed home from work for a hour or so in the morning to play with Julie outside. They made snow angels and a little snowman. Ben put the snowman on the table in the back yard right outside our dining room window so Julie could see him whenever she wanted to. She has checked on him everyday, a couple times a day to see if he has melted yet. Today he started to melt and fell over. She was a little disappointed but I think she understands that snowmen don't hang around too long around here. Here's a couple pictures of our snow day.