Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This one's for April......

The other night after dinner Julie was still a little hungry and was looking in the fridge for something to eat. I asked her if she wanted more dinner and she said "Pickles!" and reached for the pickle jar. I gave her a pickle and she enjoyed the whole thing. I, of course, knew that April would appreciate this, so this one's for you Aunt April! You are teaching her well! : )

The Zoo!

For Julie's birthday, her Grandma and Papaw renewed our membership to the zoo for another year and we have already enjoyed a few visits to see the animals this spring. We all went together yesterday while Ben had the day off of work and we had a great time. There is a new exhibit this summer where you are able to feed birds and Julie loved it. She loved getting so close to the cute birds. Her favorite animal is still the monkeys but lately she's been looking forward to seeing the giraffes and hippos too. We brought a picnic with us and ate under some threatening rain clouds but didn't get wet. It was a really good day. Her new favorite part of the zoo is the choo-choo train so we ride it everytime we go to the zoo these days. Thanks Grandma and Papaw for the fun zoo trips, we will have many more this summer!

It's tough being two

Even two year olds need a break now and then and Julie loves swinging in the hammock in the back yard to relax with her daddy.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Cute things by Julie

In addition to the Julie-isms post a while ago, here are a few more cute things Julie has said or done recently.

Julie has started saying "Oh, yeah" when she means yes. Julie, would you like an apple? "Oh yeah!" Julie, are you ready for bathtime? "Oh yeah!" It's quite funny.


The other day Julie and Ben were in the yard playing and she brought me some pretty purple flowers they had trimmed from the flower garden. Julie was very sweet about it, saying "Flowers, Mommy!". It was so sweet. And then yesterday they were out again and she came to the door with two more flowers in hand and got a couple feet away from me and threw them at me, saying "Here Mommy!". I had to laugh. I guess it was sweet the first time but the second she was just too busy to be bothered with giving mommy flowers. : )


This morning I was making toast with some leftover hot dog buns and I forgot about them and they burned to a crisp. So I started over with a couple more and when I returned to the living room Julie asked "Toast ready?" when I told her no, that I had burned the toast and had to start over she put a hand to her cheek, smiled and said "Oh, no!" dramatically. And then she looked at me kindly and said "It happens." She cracks me up!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Those who know us well know that we are horse racing fans. So of course we watched the Preakness this afternoon. We were telling Julie about how we were going to see the ponies run really fast and she said "Ye-haw!" and went and got her pony to ride in middle of the living room while we were waiting on the race to begin. She was just too cute. She really made her Mommy (and her aunts, I'm sure!) proud. : )

Mother's Day Out Program

Last Tuesday was the end of the year program for the Mother's Day Out and Preschool that Julie attended this year. Each class performed a song and dance routine for the crowd. Julie did so well! She had such a good time. In the last two pictures, she is in the middle dancing and singing. The first is a picture taken just after the program was over. We were so proud of her!!

Julie's first pigtails

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I email Ben almost daily with cute little things that Julie says during the day and I thought maybe others would get a smile out of some Julie-isms as well. So here goes:

We have three cats in our family. They are Tate, Fraidy and Mugo. Tate and Fraidy are brothers from the same litter and Mugo is a sweet girl kitty we got a year before the boys. Julie has picked up on the fact that the boys are a pair of sorts and so when she refers to the kitties, she calls them "Mugo and the Tates".


Just this morning when I was taking her to Mother's Day Out she asked me if I was going to stay with her today and I told her no, that I was going to go back home and I'd pick her up this afternoon and she said "oh, I'm sorry Momma". I guess she was sad for me to miss out on the fun. : ) What a sweetie!


One night several weeks back we were putting Julie to bed and she loudly passed gas as we were putting her in her bed. She looked up in surprise at Ben and said "Daddy, I burped in my pants! Loud, Daddy!" We were able to hold it together until we got her down and the door shut and then we lost it. It was hilarious.


A couple of weekends ago, my parents kept Julie for us for an evening so Ben and I could go out. Then every night since, when it's been time to get Julie ready for her bath she has requested a "water bath, no bubbles". We had always been giving her a bubble bath but apparently when my parents bathed her they did not and she definitely prefers to have a bath Grandma and Papaw style. When we fill up the bath tub with water, no bubbles, she gets very excited and says "Hi water bath!". She enjoys the simple things in life. : )


There are so many more, I could go on and on. Maybe another post of Julie-isms is in our future. Hope you smile today! I know I will!! : )