Monday, October 20, 2008

Zoo Boo

Last Friday night, we went to the Zoo Boo at our local zoo with some friends. We had a really good time. Little Julie is a lion this year for Halloween so we got her dressed up and took a couple pictures in the yard before we drove over to the zoo. Her costume does include a headpiece with a mane and ears but she fought it big time so we improvised and just sprayed her hair orange. We thought it turned out pretty cute. Sorry that the pictures are a bit dark, it was night after all. She got to trick-or-treat, take part in a costume contest, and dance in a disco pavilion. She ate more candy than she probably should have, but that's part of Halloween, right? She sure slept well Friday night, and for about an hour later than usual on Saturday morning. Thanks to the Whiteakers for going with us, we had a great time with you all!

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