Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sunday photos

We had our Thanksgiving meal with our Life group on Sunday night, a little early but with several of us traveling out of town in the next couple of weeks it was the best timing for all of us. We had a great meal and the kiddos wore themselves out playing together.

I made some cupcakes (yes, with sprinkles) Sunday afternoon and Julie got a warm one from the oven as I was preparing them. She shared with her Curious George while watching, you guessed it, Curious George on TV.

Here's Julie with her friends at the kids' table during dinner. I think this was captured during the 5 seconds that they were all seated at the same time.

And here's what they did to work up an appetite before dinner. Julie loves playing with her little friends. We are really fortunate that she has such good little friends to play with at this stage.

Short video

Here's a little video of Julie playing with Tate in the front yard during our photo shoot. : )

Fall photo fun

On Sunday afternoon we decided to take a few pictures of Julie in the front yard playing in the leaves. She liked throwing them in the air and then asking Da-da to pick them up again and hand them to her to throw. She also enjoyed kicking the leaves into the air. And, of course, chasing the cat around the yard. : )

My sweet girl

Here's a few pictures from the last couple of weeks around the house.

In this picture Julie and I are wearing matching aprons that my mom gave to us. I keep them hanging in the kitchen and Julie will tug on mine saying "mama, mama!" and when I put it on she pats her belly, wanting to wear hers too.

Julie is such a girlie girl. She carries this basket around the house like a purse. On this particular day, she combined the sunglasses with her "purse", bracelet, and, although not in this picture, her cell phone. She walked around the living room saying "Bye!" and waving back to me. Once she walked to the door, turned around, said bye and then added "keys?". When did she become 16 years old all of a sudden??

She has recently decided that one paci is just not enough. If she can get her hands on two at a time, she wants to have both in her mouth at the same time. Boy are we in trouble when we decide to break her of her "be-be" habit.

New Patio

A few weekends back we went to my parents' house to help them lay down a stone patio in the back yard. It took the whole crew of us working together for most of the day to put it down, and we had a good time working together.

Here's some of us working hard...

And Julie "helping", of course.

And the finished product. Looks good, huh?