Thursday, October 2, 2008

Watching George

Julie loves watching the Curious George movie. I think she became familiar with this curious little monkey at the Children's Museum, where they had a traveling Curious George exhibit that she really enjoyed. She has seen the movie a few times in last couple of months but this week she has been asking for it daily. She knows which remote is for the DVD player and she will get it out of the drawer, bring it to me and say "Oooh, Oooh, Oooh", her answer to the question "what does a monkey say?", since she can't quite say monkey yet. As soon as I take the remote from her to turn it on she runs to the couch and grabs her blanket and asks me to sit with her. Today though she was watching it as I was getting dinner ready and this picture is what I saw when I peeked around the corner at her. She was playing with Ben with her baby doll and stroller and I guess baby doll wanted to watch as well. So, yes, that's Julie in her baby doll's stroller, "drinking" from her doll's bottle, with baby doll sitting in Julie's rocking chair next to her, enjoying Curious George. What a cutie, huh?

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