Tuesday, July 31, 2007

4 months already?

Today Julie is 4 months old! I can't believe how fast it has gone by. It's amazing how much she has grown in these 4 months. The first two pictures were taken when she was just days old, in the first week home from the hospital and the last two pictures were taken this past Sunday night. We have really been blessed these last 4 months with a very precious little girl who is really laid back and easy going, very patient, and a joy to be around. She smiles and laughs all the time, and just lights up the room. She is rarely upset and easily comforted when she is upset. I'm know I'm one of the millions of moms who thinks she has the best baby in the world, but I'm sure that I do! :) We love her tons and tons!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Visit with Grandma and Papaw

Julie loves visits with her grandma and papaw! My parents came over for the weekend to visit and we had a great time. We hung out, had a few meals together and did a lot of shopping. It was a lot of fun, and we found some great sales! Julie has really been "talking" a lot more these past several days so she was eager to show off her new trick for her grandparents. They talked, laughed and squealed all weekend long together. We all had a great time and look forward to seeing them again!!

Two weeks with Grama J

Right after we got back into town after my sisters wedding, I had to return to work for my last two weeks at St. Jude. We were blessed to have Ben's mom come and stay with us those two weeks to care for Julie in our home while I was at work. I don't know which one had the better time!! We were so happy to have her here with us and I know that it was a very special time for both Julie and her Grama J. We couldn't have done it without her and she really helped my last two weeks at work go by with much less stress than if I would have had to take Julie somewhere else during the day. We are very thankful that she came to help out!!

Hanging out on the front porch, enjoying the Memphis summertime.

At the Redbirds game, Julie's first baseball game!

Relaxing, reading a book together.

Thanks Grama J!!


On July 7th, my sister Robin got married! We went to Benton for the wedding and had a wonderful time. Here are a few pictures from the festivities.

Looking good with the shades on!

My sister April with Julie.

The happy newlyweds!

Congrats Robin and Chris!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Stay at Home Mom at Last!

Hello friends and family!!
I've finally joined the blogging world so that I can keep up with all my friends and family from home. I just finished my first week as a full time stay at home mommy! After working full time for 6 1/2 years at St. Jude I have quit my position there to begin the even harder yet much more rewarding job of stay-at-home mommyhood. I am really really excited about it and very thankful that Ben has worked so hard for this to be an opportunity for me. So, mommy friends of mine, if you have any advice about the transition of going from the workplace to staying at home full time, send it my way! So far, Julie and I are having a blast and enjoying the days together. And the cats are enjoying me being at home all day as well. : )