Monday, January 7, 2008

New Year's Weekend

Over the New Year's weekend we went to visit with Ben's brother and his family. We had a great time! Julie just loved being with her cousin for a couple of days. She did super well on the road trip there and back. She's such a trooper! Here are a couple of pictures from our adventures in MO!

It was a little chilly in Springfield, MO. Here's Julie all bundled up with Daddy.

Julie loves to "fly" with aunt Amy!

We went to a fun little restaurant for lunch one day and had some yummy food. Julie tried a tater tot for the first time while sitting with Amy, Paul and Claire.

Here Julie is reading a book with her cousin Claire and aunt Amy. Julie just loves being around Claire. She watches her and tries to play with her as much as she can. These two are going to have a blast together when they get a little older!

We went bowling on New Year's Eve with some folks from Paul and Amy's church. It was a lot of fun. Julie was a great sport and seemed to have a good time too.


We had a terrific Christmas. We went to Benton to visit my family for four days and just had a great time. My aunt and uncle came up from Texas to be with us too. It was extra special to have so much family celebrating Christmas together. Julie wasn't quite sure what to think of it all at the time but she loves all of her new toys and books and clothes. Here are a few pictures of Julie's first Christmas!

What's in this one??

Here is Julie checking out her mountain of Christmas presents.

She sure loved the bows!!

This opening presents business sure can wear a baby Julie out!

Playing with a couple of her new Christmas toys.

Julie having a little nap after Christmas morning with Grandma.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Trick

In the last month Julie has been learning to pull herself up to standing and now she does it any chance she gets. She just loves standing up by herself. She gets so proud of herself when she pulls herself up. She's also starting clapping a lot. She'll stand up, then sit back down and clap for herself. She's so funny! Here's a picture of her standing up in her pack-and-play a couple of weeks ago. What a cutie!