Saturday, December 6, 2008


We drove to Texas to visit family over the Thanksgiving holiday. It was a long trip in the car but Julie did really well. My parents got a portable DVD player for Julie as an early Christmas gift so we took it with us and she made good use of it in the car. It helped the time go by for little Julie, and the rest of us. : )

We stopped in Rockwall, TX on the way to visit with our good friends, the Allens. We got to meet their precious little baby girl for the first time. It was a very short visit but we really loved getting to see them in person again and look forward to getting together with them again!

Here is a picture of all of our family sitting at tables in my aunt and uncle's back yard for our Thanksgiving meal. There were a lot of us there but even more food. And it was super yummy. I believe that my aunt's turkey and dressing is the best in the whole world. We look forward to it all year.

Here is Julie sitting with her great-Grandma, my Dad's mom.

All four generations, me, Julie, my dad, and my grandma. What a cute bunch, huh?

We spent the night at my other aunt and uncle's house on the way back home, in Mansfield, TX. Every time we get together at their house, we take a stair-step picture of everyone. When we got there Julie remembered taking the picture with everyone last time and she directed everyone to sit on the stairs for another picture. It was really funny to see her position everyone where she wanted them to be in the picture. She was content to let Daddy take the picture and not sit down with everyone. She just clapped and "yay-ed" after the picture was taken, so proud. : )

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laura said...

she looks so precious sitting all prim and proper with her sweet little hands tucked in her lap :) what a sweet little girl!