Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Pictures

We had a wonderful Christmas. Ben, Julie and I had a little Christmas morning together on Christmas Eve morning just the three of us and then we headed to visit my family that afternoon for the long holiday weekend. Santa brought Julie an easel this Christmas and she really enjoys it. She loves the chalk board side. She'll ask me to draw something so she can erase it, and then she exclaims "Gone!". We had a great time with our family as well. We hung out at the house, shopped a little, played Wii alot and went bowling together. We of course ate too much and got some great rest. Here are a few pictures from our weekend.

Here is Julie finishing off the cookie that she left for Santa the night before that he didn't finish.

Here's Julie getting a first look at her Elmo chair that she loves.

And she played tea set with her new set that her Grandma gave to her with her aunts and uncle.

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Anonymous said...

We have the Elmo chair too. Just a note.... there IS an off button tucked in the back! Peyton loves to pick hers up and move it to just the right spot in the living room.... wherever that might be. - Adrienne