Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sunday photos

We had our Thanksgiving meal with our Life group on Sunday night, a little early but with several of us traveling out of town in the next couple of weeks it was the best timing for all of us. We had a great meal and the kiddos wore themselves out playing together.

I made some cupcakes (yes, with sprinkles) Sunday afternoon and Julie got a warm one from the oven as I was preparing them. She shared with her Curious George while watching, you guessed it, Curious George on TV.

Here's Julie with her friends at the kids' table during dinner. I think this was captured during the 5 seconds that they were all seated at the same time.

And here's what they did to work up an appetite before dinner. Julie loves playing with her little friends. We are really fortunate that she has such good little friends to play with at this stage.

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