Monday, April 7, 2008

Julie's Birthday, Again

On Julie's birthday, we went to the Incredible Pizza Company to have some pizza and check out their games and rides for Julie. They had a couple of things for the little ones like her but she was still a bit small for almost everything. We did get her on a couple of little rides and of course played a couple of games of Skee Ball. She's a bit young for this sort of thing but we still had a good time as a family out for her birthday.

With Daddy close by, she rode in a froggy that played music and rocked back and forth. She really didn't know what to think about it. She didn't seem frightened, just confused and unsure.

She wasn't sure about the little carousel either but she gave it a shot.

She didn't stay on long, but at least she tried!

I'm starting early, passing on my love of Skee Ball to Julie. One day she'll thank me. : )

Look at all those tickets!!

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