Saturday, April 19, 2008

Visit with a new friend

My best friend Diane came into town last week for a work meeting and I got to watch her little girl, Ava, on Thursday morning. Julie, Ava, and I had a great time together. It was my first adventure in watching two babies at once and I think it went pretty well. Ben came home at lunch and helped me feed the girls. Julie loved getting to know her new friend. She kept trying to hug Ava but I'm not sure that Ava appreciated it every time. They did pretty well playing together. Diane had Thursday afternoon and evening off so we hung out and had a really good time catching up together and playing with our daughters. Ben volunteered to watch both girls so Diane and I could go out to dinner together so we took him up on it! He's the best husband ever!! It was so good to see Diane again. Diane, come back anytime!!

I got Julie's bumbo out of storage so Ava could sit in it if she wanted to and Julie thought it was a brand new toy and kept getting in and out of it.

She really wanted to sit in the bumbo with her Pooh bear but couldn't quite figure it out. She sure tried hard!

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