Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Julie!!!

Monday, March 31st, is Julie's first birthday! We can't believe that the year has gone by as quickly as it has. She's growing up so fast! It's been a terrific year and we have had a blast. She is such a joy and a blessing and we are super thankful that she is our little girl. We had her birthday party on Saturday afternoon and it was a lot of fun. My family came over from AR for the party and several of our friends from our homegroup at church came over to celebrate with us. Julie had a lot of fun tearing up the tissue/wrapping paper and playing with her new toys. Here are a few pictures from our day.

As I was decorating her cake, her Papaw let Julie get a taste of some chocolate frosting. That's what Papaws are for!!

The theme for her party was Candyland. And we sure did have a lot of candy!! I had a lot of fun making her cake.

Julie sure did get a lot of fun toys! She got a bubble blower, books, clothes and a stuff toy from her friends. Aunt April gave her a floaty for the lake and she got a climber/slide from her grandparents. She got a few toys to play with from mommy and daddy too. She had so much fun checking it all out.

She didn't get as messy as we expected but she had a lot of fun playing in and eating a little of her cake. We gave her a special heart cake all for herself. I think she wasn't so sure what to do with so much cake but it didn't take long for her to tear into it.

She got this green tube to crawl in and around from her Aunt Robin and Uncle Chris and she wasn't so sure about it. She liked looking in, and her friends had fun crawling in it but she didn't want to go in. She finally took the plunge and crawled in it a day later and loved it. Silly girl.

We had so much fun. Thanks to everyone who came over and celebrated with us!


laura said...

Happy Birthday Julie! What a beautiful little girl... and Christie - you did an awesome job on the cake! Thanks for new pictures of your sweet little girl!

hockeygirl said...

Happy Birthday Julie! Christie, you did so good with the cake and everything! Wish I could have been there to eat some of that candy!

Christie said...

Thanks! I had fun making the cake. I got the recipe from Taste of Home magazine. It looked so good I had to try it!!

jjeffriesforrest said...

I saw your parents in Little Rock and got to thinking about you! What a beautiful family. I hope you are going well.
Jennifer Jeffries Forrest

Christie said...

Jennifer!! I have thought of you often as well!! Please send me your email address! I'd love to catch up!

jjeffriesforrest said...

email me at

can't wait to hear from you!