Friday, December 11, 2009

How are we doing?

So, how are we doing as a family of four these days? We're adjusting, but loving it. Ben and I both have talked about how having two kiddos just feels right to us. We're tired, sleep-deprived, and busier than ever. It's going well so far. Julie is LOVING being a big sister. She loves on him and tells him that he is so sweet. She sings to him still, and is always concerned about whether he is awake or not, because if he is, she wants to "see" him, meaning be in his face all excited about him. It's cute.

We decided to take the big trip to Texas over Thanksgiving after all to visit with family and introduce Aaron to everyone. It was quite an undertaking with a 5 week old but we did it and are happy to have gone. Everyone loved meeting the little guy and we were excited to see them again as well. Julie rode down with my parents and stayed with them at the hotel so that helped a ton just to be able to have both Ben and I caring for Aaron most of the time so we could try to get some rest along the way as well. Here are a few pictures from our trip:

In Gorman, TX, visiting my Grandma, Aunt JR, Uncle Mike and Cousins:

In Mansfield, TX, visiting with my Aunt Doris and Uncle Larry:

Back in Benton on the way back to Memphis, Julie playing with her Aunt April on the porch:

Ben and I used to skip the Christmas tree at the house since we would be at my parents' house for Christmas. Of course now that we have kiddos, it's lots of fun to have a tree. Julie has really gotten into the whole Christmas thing this year, the tree, ornaments, gifts and of course Santa. I feel as excited about Christmas as I did when I was a kid, thanks to Julie. : )

Julie putting the first ornament on the tree here at home:


hockeygirl said...

I'm happy to see a new blog post! Great pictures - they are both so cute! Now I'm wondering.... how are you going to find time to do your xmas shopping?? One word:

Monica said...

Loved the update & pics - they're both getting cuter & cuter every day!