Monday, December 21, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas

We are getting ready for Christmas and having fun doing it! A few weekends ago we went to the Children's Museum of Memphis to take part in their special Christmas activities. Julie got to see Santa, make a few little Christmas crafts and, her favorite part, get a purple butterfly balloon. She was quite timid at first at the thought of sitting on Santa's lap but then he gave her a gift and they were good friends.

We were invited to a cookie decorating/exchange party that was this past Sunday. It was so much fun! Julie and I made some Christmas sugar cookies to take with us and then she got to decorate a few cookies while we were there with the other kiddos. We had such a good time that we just might have to do this ourselves in the future!

In non-Christmas related news, Aaron has begun smiling! He smiled at Julie and I for the first time on Dec. 4th. How exciting! He smiles everyday and is such a cute little guy.
Here's a picture I took of the two of them this morning in front of the tree. I finally got around to wrapping some gifts this weekend so it's beginning to look like Christmas around here! I still have to wrap all of Julie's and Aaron's gifts so I'm looking for a chance when they are both asleep today to do that. I am just so excited about Christmas this year. Having little ones to celebrate Christmas with is so much fun!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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Christy said...

Sweet picture of Julie and Aaron. It looks like you're having quite the busy Christmas season! Hugs from TX!!