Friday, August 8, 2008

Wagon Friends

We got this little wagon for Julie not too long ago and she loves being pulled around the house in it. She also loves to pull her little Winnie the Pooh friends around in it too. I thought it was really cute when she decided that she wanted to ride along with her friends instead of pull them around.

In case you were wondering, that smile in the third picture is the one we get when we ask Julie to say "cheese", only she says "cheezzzzzzzzzz". Super cute.


Courtney said...

I'm so glad that you post picture of April and Robin! That's the only way I get to see them! Which Jennifer works at the Museum? We have passes for it so we go quit often. I'm glad you had fun in Benton!

Christie said...

Courtney- It's my friend Jennifer (Jeffries) Forest that works at the museum. Well, she used to work there. Actually her last week was the week we visited; she has since started a new job. : ) April and Robin are doing really well. They will be happy to see your comment! -Christie

The Channings said...

Christie, looks like you guys are doing well and having lots of fun. I miss you and hope to see you before too long. I can't believe summer is over!! It flew by, didn't it?