Monday, February 25, 2008


It's been a while since I've updated my blog and have had a few requests, so here goes! We've been busy the last little while. My parents have come over for a couple visits and just this last weekend we went to visit them. Ben's brother and his wife came to visit us and it was the first time that Julie got to meet her Uncle Tom and Aunt Hilary. And Julie has been growing up a storm. She seems to change everyday. She's pulling up on everything and zooming along the furniture. I'm sure she'll be taking a step or two soon. She is such a precious little part of our family and we are loving getting to know her as her little personality develops. It's wild to see her personality really starting to come out. She's a truly cheerful child, she laughs so much everyday and keeps me laughing. She does have my stubbornness, so that's interesting to deal with at times. She is super curious and loves to explore her world. She's terrific and we are having a blast with her.
Here's some pictures from our last few weeks.

Of course the more Julie is able to get around, the more she chases the kitties. She loves the kitties!!

Julie really likes riding her pony. She loves to press the buttons to make it sing.

Hanging out with Grandma and Papaw.

Here's Julie playing with her Papaw.

Here's Julie in her Happy Valentine's Day onesie that my Aunt Doris and Uncle Larry sent to her. What a cutie!!

Ben took this picture while working outside on a lock to our back door. He let Julie "help" him.

She loves books. She plays with her books more than any other toy.

Julie loves to "drink" out of Mommy's cup. She's such a big girl!


Courtney said...

Your family all looks alike Christie!

And, Julie is so cute. She looks more..still than my boys :)

The Channings said...

Such great pics, Christie! Shelby loves books too. She actually informed me today after her nap that she does not like cats, so I don't know what we'll do when we come over to your house again! She's grown so much since you two were here! I miss you guys.