Monday, February 25, 2008

Children's Museum Pictures

Here are a few pictures from our little adventure at the Children's Museum while Tom and Hilary were in town. Julie loved getting to know her aunt and uncle. She really took to both of them and just played and played.

We wore her out! She found this pillow and crashed!


Courtney said...

Hey Christie! Thanks for giving me your blog address. It's good to see that you all are doing good. Julie is adorable! I'm glad that she looks like a Corley and not a Canadian! (sorry Ben!)

The Channings said...

We haven't been to the Children's Museum. You'll have to tell me about it. Was there a lot for little ones to do? I just remember going with my mom and my nephew. He went up in that maze thing, got stuck, and I was too big to go up after him. That's all I remember.