Friday, May 22, 2009

Cute things by Julie

In addition to the Julie-isms post a while ago, here are a few more cute things Julie has said or done recently.

Julie has started saying "Oh, yeah" when she means yes. Julie, would you like an apple? "Oh yeah!" Julie, are you ready for bathtime? "Oh yeah!" It's quite funny.


The other day Julie and Ben were in the yard playing and she brought me some pretty purple flowers they had trimmed from the flower garden. Julie was very sweet about it, saying "Flowers, Mommy!". It was so sweet. And then yesterday they were out again and she came to the door with two more flowers in hand and got a couple feet away from me and threw them at me, saying "Here Mommy!". I had to laugh. I guess it was sweet the first time but the second she was just too busy to be bothered with giving mommy flowers. : )


This morning I was making toast with some leftover hot dog buns and I forgot about them and they burned to a crisp. So I started over with a couple more and when I returned to the living room Julie asked "Toast ready?" when I told her no, that I had burned the toast and had to start over she put a hand to her cheek, smiled and said "Oh, no!" dramatically. And then she looked at me kindly and said "It happens." She cracks me up!


Monica said... almost have me convinced to have one of my own!

Christie said...

Monica, you know you want to! : )

hockeygirl said...

Very cute! It's good that you are keeping track of the cute/funny things she says/does!