Sunday, March 29, 2009

Julie's 2nd Birthday Party

Julie's 2nd birthday is Tuesday, March 31st, and we celebrated with a party on Saturday afternoon. The theme this year was Little Einsteins, one of Julie's favorite cartoons. We told her a while back that she was going to have a Rocket cake for her birthday and she got so excited that anytime anyone asked her about her birthday she said "Rocket cake!". The cake itself was a lot of work and took both Ben and I working on it to get it right but it was all worth it when we saw how happy she was when she finally saw her Rocket cake. We had some family and a few friends over and it was a very fun afternoon. Julie of course was spoiled rotten, but that's what birthday parties are for! : ) She got a lot of little baby doll toys, some Little Einsteins toys, a princess dress and lots more. She had a terrific time.

Here she is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her party guests.

The cake itself.

Opening presents with Daddy.

Julie was great at blowing out her candle. I had thought she might need some coaching but I was wrong, she's a pro!

The kiddos enjoying playing with the Mrs. Potato Head (and it's 40 pieces!) that Julie got from her aunt April.

Julie loves her friend Ryland!

It was a bit cold but they had a good time playing in the back yard, even if it was only for a few minutes.

Here's Julie taking turns playing in her Elmo chair with her friend Jackson.

What good buddies!

Julie's Papaw and Grandma gave Julie a baby care center where she can bathe and feed her baby doll and put her baby doll down for a nap. She loves it!!

Thank you to each of you that came to the party and all those that blessed her with birthday gifts. She received some birthday money in the mail last week so we are planning on taking her to the store on her actual birthday Tuesday to let her pick out a little something. Let the party continue!!

We have been blessed beyond the limits of our imaginations having this little girl in our lives. She is such a joy. We are so very thankful for her and although we wish the time wouldn't go by so fast we do look forward to experiencing the rest of life with her. These past two years have been amazing and have taught us so much. We love our Julie girl!!


hockeygirl said...

Great job on the cake! I'm impressed! I'm glad she had a very happy birthday!

laura said...

You guys did an AWESOME job on the cake! Nathan is super jealous! :)