Sunday, July 20, 2008

Family Fun

Julie has really gotten into playing at the park. She loves the swings and slides and will go down the slide as many times as we let her. She is growing up so fast. We are reminded of how small she still is seeing her playing at the park with the bigger kids, but we can see the big kid in her as she tries so hard to keep up with all of them. She just laughs and laughs while going down the slides and begs to do it again. We love playing with her at the park.

Here are a few more pictures from last week. Julie figured out how to climb up onto the dining room table and it's one of her new favorite things to do. This first picture is of Julie sitting on the table with Mugo. She is all about climbing these days, on anything and everything. And of course, she still loves her daddy's shoes and tries to walk in them all of the time. The third picture is of Julie doing another one of her favorite things, emptying her dresser drawers. I like to think she's just re-organizing. : )

On Saturday, we went to the Memphis Riverpark downtown on Mud Island and visited the river museum and walked along the Mississippi River model in the park. We had a really good time. We rode the monorail back and forth and Julie got to play in the water fountain with her Daddy. It was hot, but we really enjoyed spending time outside, being tourists in our own city. In the afternoon we did a little shopping and Julie napped for a while. We went out to dinner at my favorite place, El Porton, and then even got ice cream after dinner. It was a great day together!

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