Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What have we been up to lately?

It's been forever since I've updated and there's been a lot going on! Julie has now TWO teeth, she's begun eating with her big girl fork, spoon and plate, she is gradually moving on from the bottle to a big girl cup, and she is becoming more and more independent each day. Ben and I went to visit his brother and his wife, Paul and Amy, over the Memorial Day weekend so we could play with our niece and meet our new nephew. Julie spent the weekend being spoiled by her grandparents and had a great time. We are enjoying the summertime weather and spend a lot of time outside these days. We're having a great time!!

Here's Julie's hairdo after Daddy gave her a bath. What a cutie!

Not a great picture of me, but I still love it.

Here she is showing off her TWO teeth!

We've put her to work! Cold drink anyone? Just kidding, of course. Anything that has a handle like this Julie loves to carry around the house.

Julie loves climbing up into and sitting in the big chairs in the back yard. She's getting so big!

Julie has recently discovered Mugo's kitty bed and she loves to sit in it with a couple Reader's Digests, just hanging out. Mugo's not too thrilled about this.

This past Saturday we spent the morning together at the zoo. Julie loves the monkeys!

In an attempt at being girlie, I finally got Julie some hair bows. I think this look is expressing Julie's concern for my hair decorating skills.


hockeygirl said...

Thanks for finally posting! I've missed you!

What The Hell Is This? said...

she is such a doll.

Hollar next time you want to go to the zoo, we have memberships and I think we might get 50% off a guest.

Christie said...

Hey Casey!
We have a membership to the zoo too! We can go anytime you guys want to go, we would love to!

The Channings said...

I've missed your posts too!

I love the pictures of Julie showing off her teeth as well as the one of her with the bows.

She's adorable!

Courtney said...

Dont they grow up so fast? Precious baby girl...the bows make me want a girl! ha!