Saturday, December 1, 2007

Julie with Santa!

We went to Breakfast with Santa this morning at our church and Julie got her first picture made with Santa. She did great! I was worried she would cry but she was just fascinated with his beard. I thought she wouldn't let go!


hockeygirl said...

Thanks for the updates! It had been forever! I know I say this every time, but Julie is so cute. She looks like a very happy baby.

ROD said...

Cute baby. Our grandson is 7 months old now, and getting cuter all the time!

The Channings said...

Hey Christie! I didn't realize that I hadn't commented on these posts yet. So glad you got to see Tim and Amanda over Thanksgiving. I know you miss having them in TN. It was really good to see you and Julie a couple weeks ago. Thanks for coming. Let's try and get together again after the holidays! We loved our Christmas card and picture. I just love Julie's smile. She is really a precious little girl! See you soon!