Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cranky lady!

Julie is officially teething and is not happy about it! She's been super cranky and needy the last few days. I'm more than happy to give her extra loving care to help her through it and I am looking for tips! If any of you moms out there have any tricks that helped you and your little ones while the little teeth came in, please send your wisdom my way! It will be much appreciated!!
On a positive note, Ben has been great with Julie (and me!) while she's been a bit tougher to handle lately. He took the middle of the night duty with her last night and let me sleep all night long! And he took me to my favorite mexican restaurant for dinner last night to get us out of the house and do something fun. What a guy! : )


fireman's wife said...

tylenol and oral-gel(nighttime) I just went for the stronger amount of Benzocaine and it seems to help.And tylenol and Motrin can be interchanged, one every 2 hours if you need it. Instead of waiting 4 hrs for the tylenol alone. And Jackson loved to chew on toothbrushes (not by any encouragemet from me, I know what you were thinkin' assistant--toothbrush. But really he just liked it and still does. there is a teether I think it is made by Summer and it looks like a bee-hive on a handle, he really liked that to. I saw some at babies-r-us by the toothbrushes. Oh, and teething or bitter biscuits. I like the ones on the organtic isle, they don't break as easily as the Gerber brand. well, that is all the mommy advice I have for now, maybe it will help. Love, April W.

The Channings said...

I put the teethers in the fridge/freezer to keep them cool for her. And I did have a teether from Wal-mart that vibrated. Shelby loved that one.

What The Hell Is This? said...

The vibrating teether ALWAYS works for Dylan!!! He loves it and plays with it even when he is not teething.. I use Ora-Gel Nighttime too and Tyenol at night when he is just hurting too bad to sleep. I have a teething ring that I keep in the fridge, but also..

I freeze chucks of fruit (pears, apples) and put them those mesh holders for him to gnawl on. Both my boys LOVE/LOVED this.. and it kinda gets 'em use to that food texture.

Courtney said...

Hylands makes a homeopathic teething tablet that is great. It has a calming effect to the crying, especially when they are in teething crisis.

Walmart carries them, so does Walgreens. They are by the vitamins usually on the bottom shelf!