Monday, August 6, 2007

It was just a matter of time

Of course once Julie found her foot, she had to do something with it. And what better than to put it in her mouth! She has been busy all evening trying as hard as she can to get that foot in her mouth. She makes us laugh so much. She grabs a hold of her PJ's footie and pulls as hard as she can towards her mouth. I just think she's the best! We call these little PJs "Super Babys" and she becomes our little super-baby, with super baby powers when she wears them. Maybe this is just one of her powers!


Jessica said...

Hey girl! Julie is so beautiful! She does sound like the most perfect baby ever. Are you a permanent SAHM for the next couple years or what's the plan? I love being the SAHM but I really honestly wish Tim could be the SAHD instead. Now that we have the 3 yr old. Anyway, come over and see my blog on livejournal!

Jen said...

Christie, you tell Ben that his little girl looks so much like him in that second picture. She looks like so much fun as she is exploring everything!