Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Ben!!

The 26th was Ben's 30th birthday!! My parents came over on Saturday afternoon and spent the night at the house with Julie while Ben and I spent the night out celebrating his birthday. It was a great time for the two of us to have together and Julie had a blast with her grandparents. They did some shopping with her and got her a stroller and diaper bag for her baby doll. She loves it!! Here are a few pictures of her with her grandparents and baby stroller. Also one of Julie and her Papaw playing in the living room fort. We are so grateful that my parents came over to watch Julie for us so we could have some time out for just the two of us. We really appreciate it!

Cute video

Here is a cute video of Julie swinging at the park with her Papaw while we were in Texas.

Welcome home party

On the weekend of September 20th, we went to Mansfield, TX to visit with my family and to go to a welcome home party for my cousin, Andrew, who just got back from Iraq. We are so very happy and thankful that he is finally home safe and sound. We had a really good time with everyone. It was a quick trip, and Julie did really well on the long drive. She had a good time seeing everyone and meeting new folks. We even got out to take her to a park for a little while and she really enjoying playing with her aunts, uncle and papaw at the park. Here are a few pictures from our time at my aunt and uncle's house.

Haircut, part two

I finally let Ben cut Julie's hair, just a little bit. We were at my parents' house and we sat Julie up on the counter in their bathroom for the hair cut. She did really well and didn't fuss too much about it. He only cut off a tiny little bit, just enough to even up the front and back a little. It looks cute. Here are a few pictures of the experience.

Couple cute pictures

Here are a couple of cute pictures of Julie taken in the last couple of weeks.

Julie likes to line her "babies" up on the back of the couch and then sit up there with them. She also likes it when Ben and I sit up there with her and doesn't quite understand why that's a little harder for us to do. : ) It is pretty cute when she gets up there and pats on the back of the couch right next to her, saying "momma, momma", asking me to sit there beside her.

The other day we were playing in the living room together and she ran off into my room. When she came back into the living room, this is what she was wearing. She still loves wearing Ben's shoes and hats. What a cutie!